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"Trials" and training tribulations OR Is commitment-phobia in karate a problem?

I'll preface this by saying, I offer no answers to the problem. I have plenty of thoughts. I have tons of examples and stories. I have some suggestions and ideas. But I do not know how to solve the problem, if it can even be solved at all. This may be a bit of a ramble, so buckle up.

Trial classes are a curious thing. I get it. I really do. In today's world, you have to give folks a sample of what you do. A taste. A try-on. Just like in the stores. A sampling of budo wares, as it were.
Yoga does it. Gyms do it. All fitness ventures seem to buy into to. Woe actually to those that do not, really. 
My problem is not exactly with the freebies. Freebies are the symptom of the greater disease.  We've all seen it and experienced it. It has been happening for at least 30 years, but it has steadily worsened over time. The perpetual come-and-go of students. Time of departure varies.
Does not matter the quality of the school or the nature of the training. Some students do not stick a…

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