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Pulling no punches - on pandemics, martial arts and mental health

 One does not have to look too far to see bad news these days. Almost a year into COVID, and the situation for many is dire. Unemployment. Solitude. Uncertainty. Anger. Frustration. The only thing that humans seem to hate more than change is ambiguity. And right now, there's a buffet on the latter and more than a few helpings with the former. The pandemic has people worked up and worried. Understandably so. It's fraying nerves. Whether it is from the fear of COVID, the loss of loved ones, the cabin fever mentality or conspiratorial anger, mental health is becoming an issue. Overdose deaths are up (full disclosure, I lost my nephew to an OD last summer). Domestic violence incidents are up significantly in several jurisdictions in Canada (and likely elsewhere). Doctors are noting that more patients are reporting symptoms of depression and expressing suicidal ideation. Alcohol intake, surprisingly,. has not significantly increased. People are under stress, and the stress is not le

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